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e-Learning on Students' Mental Health

Written By Siya Taparia

Published on March 2nd 2021

   Ever since schools closed in March 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, schools and students have had to adapt to a new form of learning: remote learning. Remote learning was a new concept to everyone, and was strange to get used to for both teachers and students. In the beginning, remote learning systems were not extremely developed as schools were still planning and organizing new ways to teach the curriculum. This led to a somewhat relaxed form of learning, in which students were not experiencing much of the negative effects that they now are.





Now that remote learning is fully developed, it has had a considerable effect on students’ mental health. The pandemic itself has already taken a toll on students everywhere, as it created a major shift in life. Things like not being able to see friends and family and not being able to go out lead to many students feeling isolated and hopeless. Unfortunately, education is a must and had to go on in spite of this. Mental health experts are worried about the spike in declining mental health and are worried that they might see a rise in mental health conditions like anxiety and depression. Here are some probable causes of this:



Students lack the face-to-face interaction they are accustomed to


By not being able to be in-person with teachers and peers, it is difficult for students to learn, often leading to high stress and frustration.


In-person school used to be a place for many students to escape from undesirable home environments.

With remote learning, many of these students have lost that escape, and are forced to spend all their time in an environment they would rather not be in. 

Teachers are taking measures to help students to the best of their abilities in order to cooperate with students’ conditions and incorporating interactive activities into lesson plans. Schools are also offering extra resources and tutoring to aid students in this difficult era of remote learning. 


NECEF aims to help students who may be struggling with remote learning and experiencing anxiety/frustration. By helping students one-on-one, our tutors are able to help students with any areas of struggle, alleviating the stress of students.

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