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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Discover new skills! NECEF gives you the change to create communication and problem solving skills. NECEF also provides volunteer hours for the time and effort provided to help our younger generations. 

2024 Fall semester online tutors

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NECEF Tutor Advancement Program

START from being regular semesters Online Tutor
Online Classes

Do you like working with young students? NECEF online tutoring might be the thing for you. Here we have 1on 1 tutoring with 1-7th grade students that require assistance with different topics, such as math or English reading. NECEF's online tutoring program offers in Spring and Fall semester. We are recruiting for 2022 Fall semester volunteer tutors now. You can find more details and apply now in the botton of this page. 

Once you have experiences in tutoring student during the regular semesters. You are qualified to volunteer our summer STEM camp/Math workshop instructor. 

Summer STEM Camp
Chemistry Class

Interested in science? Like to create experiments? Well NECEF Summer STEM Camp is just for you! You will be able to have a wonderful opportunity teaching young students different hands on experiments and the interesting science behind them! We regularly recruite volunteer instructors for the summer camp in May every year.

Summer Math Workshop
Math Formulas

Is math your strong suit? Now you can use your knowledge to improve out future. NECEF is hosting a math workshop this summer in order to teach kids more advanced math skills that are required as they get older. We regularly recruite volunteer instructors for the summer camp in May every year.

Back of a group of volunteers

What can student tutors

get out of this?

Better Future

Your help could be the spark of our future. You can help out younger generations improve their intelligence and the skills necessary in life. 

Volunteer Hours

Volunteer hours will also be given based on the grades of the students that you will teach.

Leadership & New Skills

You will be able to receive new skills of communication and problem solving while helping our students improve. Your help will greatly impact your own skills and the overall future of our world as well. 

President's Volunteer Service Award

Our volunteers are eligible for the President's Volunteer Service Award! If you spend a certain amount of volunteer hours, you are eligible for this award. 


Now Recruiting 2024 Fall Semester Online Tutors

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