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Volunteering 2024 Fall Semester
1 on 1 online tutoring


There are many students in the world struggling to learn, and many don't have the ability to receive the help they need. At NECEF, those worries disappear. Our student teachers bring out the best in all students, bringing forth their knowledge in hopes to help these students.


1. Each tutor session lasts 30 minutes.

2. A routine of tutoring session either weekly or every other week is required and the schedule should

    apply for the whole semester.

3. Be responsible and punctual for the tutoring session.

4. Tutor absences will not be counted toward volunteer hours.

5. Tutors will earn an additional 1 hour service credit for maintaining full attendance throughout the semester. Student absences will not count against tutors' attendance records.

6. If you're absent, please reschedule your class with your student. Absences without rescheduling will be counted as no-shows.

7. Missing three sessions without rescheduling will lead to disqualification.

8. Two-way communication with parents is needed in order to assist the students effectively.

9. NECEF suggests tutors to refer to Khan Academy when designing tutoring lessons.

10. Our top priority is to help students with their school homework.

11. Assigning homework for students is not necessary.

12. NECEF contact will observe your tutoring sessions occasionally.

There are a few rules that you should keep in mind before committing to being a tutor.


1. How do the volunteer hours counts

Your volunteer hours depend on the grade level of your students and each tutor session lasts 30 minutes. If you are tutoring 4th grade or under, you can earn 30*1.4 service hours. If students are between grade 5 and grade 8, your service hours will be calculated as 30*1.6. NECEF will automatically record your tutoring time via Zoom.

2. What platform do we use to tutor online?

We use Zoom as the tutoring Platform. You will need to use your email account (Gmail recommended) to create a Zoom account. Then, NECEF will link your Zoom account to our Zoom account system.

3.Will I receive training before the semester begins?

Yes, NECEF will provide basic training for our volunteer tutors before the beginning of the semester. The training includes simple technical operation for online tutoring, and the basic principle of tutoring and teaching skills. We will also offer service hours for our attendance to the training.

If you have more questions, please feel free to email:

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