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Why is Education Important?

By: Vicky Kruk

September 20, 2020

To many people, education seems like a burden in order to obtain a stable and high-paying source of income. However, education has various benefits that go beyond just a career. These benefits can assist you with work-related abilities and individual skills. Education also affects your life daily in forms you may not even realize.


Statistically, adults with a college degree earn $600 more per week than adults with just a high school degree. Due to the huge pay gap, to many individuals, education is a gateway out of poverty since education creates a foundation and a frequent source of income. According to UNESCO, if all adults completed secondary education, we could cut the global poverty rate by more than half.  Additionally, in the United States, six in ten jobs require some form of higher education. Therefore, to overcome poverty, education is one of the first steps. Obtaining an education can also enhance your life in another way: socially. Studies show that individuals with higher education have an increase in life expectancy, an increase in volunteer work, better health, and higher voter participation. Additionally, receiving a higher education corresponds to lower crime and divorce rates. 


Education doesn't solely influence you as a person, but also influences the entire earth and society. For instance, without education-based inventions like airplanes, bridges, air conditioning, cameras, vaccines, vehicles, and more wouldn't exist. The government depends on education, since government officials like representatives and senators are more qualified to be in their positions if they finished higher education. Additionally, the economy relies on education a fair amount since education boosts the GDP (gross domestic product). Education and the economy go hand in hand; if one is doing well, then the other one follows.  Furthermore, education also affects society in a positive way. It crafts an individual with important characteristics and qualities essential to our society. If an educated person shares their ideas and applies it to our world, other individuals learn from those views and it turns into a ripple effect. 


Currently, as a student, education might not seem necessary. Yet studies and statistics show that education undeniably affects your salary, work-ethic, and health in a positive way. Also, more opportunities and doors are open if you have more education. Not only is it essential for society and the economy in this day and age, obtaining or having access to education is a privilege. We should take advantage of it, and it's many positive effects. 

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