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Published Feb. 14th, 2021

By Victoria Kruk

Tutoring is a great way to improve your grades and advance your skills to set a foundation to guide you in the future. Critical thinking skills you learn in elementary or middle school have an impact on your future prospects. A study showed that 7.58% of college students had a tutor. It's an opportunity that more students should take advantage of, especially since there are non-profit organizations like NECEF that offer tutoring for free. Additionally, tutoring has been proved to be successful statistically. 

Tutoring has many advantages both in the short-run and long-run. Certainly, one short-term effect is improved academic performance. Gradually improving grades builds the framework for the future, and students are able to fulfill their ambitions. Tutoring also helps students develop the necessary skills for a quality education and a successful career. Like social and communication skills for example. In addition, tutoring can be tailored to fit every student's learning style, regardless of whether the student is a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learner. Thus, the student is able to learn effectively as their strengths are emphasized.  Additionally, a student learns good study habits and improves on their work-ethic. This student needs these skills to excel, propelling them forward towards their career goals.  Another bonus from tutoring is that with better grades, the student develops higher self-esteem and confidence. High self-esteem is important since it can determine if an individual has a positive or negative mindset, therefore, affecting everyday decisions.  Another long-term benefit of tutoring is that it fosters academic independence.  Intellectual independence encourages original and unique thoughts. Furthermore, intellectual independence builds self-reliance and self-determination. Skills like these are important for a higher education and in a successful career. There is nothing better than having that one-to-one time with a tutor, focusing on each student's individual weaknesses.  With a tutor, the student receives personalized feedback relating directly to the student. Among tutoring's advantages, these are just the tip of the iceberg. Clearly, there are plenty of other reasons, but these are the main direct ones. 


Tutoring has been around for thousands of years, it works since ancient Greece. For a good reason with a proper tutor, you can improve your intellectual independence, self-reliance, self-esteem, social skills, communication skills, good study habits, and work ethic. Also, your grades and academic performance improve drastically. Tutoring is often perceived as expensive, while that is not true at all. There are plenty of organizations and nonprofits that are dedicated to free tutoring resources, like NECEF. Take advantage of this wonderful free opportunity by signing up on the NECEF website.

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