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Teacher    Appreciation    Letters

Written By:  Victoria Kruk

Published on : Feb 27th,  2021

   Pandemics pose many difficulties in terms of teaching especially with the amount of time-consuming work. A teacher must whittle down their lessons to only cover the essential elements of the material since they have to teach in an online environment and assign work as well as grade it, while also being their students' support while not seeing them face-to-face. Additionally, there is a threat of contracting this deadly virus currently rampaging the entire country. Therefore, NECEF is sending out personalized teacher appreciation letters written and decorated by student volunteers during these stressful and tough times.


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   NECEF is a nonprofit organization that dedicates its time focusing on providing free educational resources for all students like tutoring and benefiting local communities educationally. Sending out teacher appreciation letters is just one of the many things that NECEF does to benefit local communities in both Illinois and Texas. NECEF previously has done many book drives to local elementary schools and homeless shelters, as well as online free STEM camps. Also, NECEF provides free accessible tutoring for English and math, which you can sign up for on their website.


   Currently, volunteers of NECEF are composing letters of appreciation to teachers as a way of showing them that students are grateful for all they do. If you are interested, letters must be submitted before March 1st through the google form, and each letter must be 100 words or more. You can write this letter to an anonymous teacher or a specific teacher at William Fremd High School in Palatine, Illinois. The letter has to be created through notability, canva, or any other website or app and decorated nicely.  For every two letters, you'll get 1.5 volunteer service hours, although you can only get up to 3 volunteer hours total. If you wish to remain anonymous that option is available. The link for the google form to submit these letters is available in the bio on the NECEF Instagram account, more specifically in the bio. NECEF's Instagram handle is @neweracultureandeducation.

   I don't see any downside to writing appreciation for teachers; they are fun to write, quick to decorate, and you get service hours at the same time. By just sacrificing a couple of minutes of your time, you might be able to make a teacher's whole day. Many teachers are currently struggling in this pandemic. Let us students show our gratitude towards all their hard work and support. 

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