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Kids Reading Book in Park

Free Summer STEM  Camp

NECEF is excited to launch this year's Summer STEM Camp! Our STEM camp builds your STEM skills and unlocks your potential from ANYWHERE in the world! Join us as we dive into the world of science by exploring engaging experiments and activities!


Kids in Art Class

Parent, California (July 2020)

My son Jacob truly enjoy this weeklong STEM class. You guys are awesome!!

Students in a Science Class

Parent, San Jose (July 2020)

Camp was fun and straight forward. Camp leaders were very detailed in explaining how to do things and very helpful - giving this extra help when needed.

Students Writing on Board

Parent, Washington (July 2020)

Great opportunity to engage children during the summer lull.

Quality Time

Parent (June 2020)

It was a great learning experience and my child enjoyed it.

Mother and a Child

Parent, San Francisco (June 2020)

Thank you for offering this for free during these uncertain times, the kids really enjoyed their time and learned something new every day. Glad that young people are leading the classes that model leadership and community within the youth.

Quality Time

Parent, El Paso (June 2020)

The tutors have admirable patience towards the participants!!!!

2020 STEM Camp Projects

Wind Powered Car

Wind Powered Car

We learned how to make a wind powered car with simple household materials!

Balloon Car

Balloon Car

We learned the physics of Newton's Laws behind the balloon car's movement!

Building Structures

Building Structures

Creativity is limitless! Amazing racetrack built by one of our campers!



We learned what an anemometer was and made one ourselves!

Solar System

Solar System

We learned about the planets in our solar system and their characteristics!

Paper Chain Challenge

Paper Chain Challenge

Using only 1 piece of paper, how long can you make YOUR paper chain?

Gradient Ocean

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Parachute Activity
Balloon Car
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