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Sparta Middle School


Realizing the importance of reading, the NECEF team reached out to schools and classrooms that would benefit from receiving books. Specifically looking for schools without adequate fundings for new books, our team found a 6th-grade classroom at Sparta Middle School, Michigan. NECEF donated over 50 books to their students, including a variety of chapter books appropriate for their age level. Striving to impact more schools and students, we appreciate your donations to help us bring more smiles to the faces of young learners!

We want to thank all who have helped in making these donations possible. Without our team and donations, helping children across the United States would not be possible. Many teachers want to provide the best material for their students. However, without adequate funding and resources, teachers are in a tough situation. Our goal in sending books and school supplies is to provide teachers and students with quality material to enhance their education.


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Holding Books

Books and School Supplies to John Ireland Elementary School

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Lynn Haven Elementary School

NECEF sent books to this elementary school to help out the students in a low income community. 


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