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The Samaritan Inn Donations


With this ongoing pandemic spreading through communities, there were reported eight more families in poverty this year. Many of these families lost their job or ability to work, got infected, struggled with bills and taxes, and with online schooling. Because of NECEF's dedication to providing education to everyone regardless of their class, NECEF organized multiple drives, many of them being elementary schools but one of them was to a shelter named The Samaritan Inn.  

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The Samaritan Inn is a shelter for the homeless, in McKinney, Texas. Not only is it a shelter, but they also have a program designed to teach life skills and self-sufficiency to those in poverty. In their mission statement, it mentions that Samaritan Inn doesn't only help with proper housing, food, and their program but helps willing people gain dignity and independence. The Inn not only accommodates adults but also aids children. In one night approximately out of all the residents 1 out of 3 are children. In 2017 they served 173 children out of 577 residents. And on top of that, The Samaritan Inn provided 2,314 childcare services in 2017. To gain funds and money to pay for the building, food, clothing, and etc, The Inn takes donations. You can donate money on their website or order stuff on their amazon wishlist. The Samaritan Inn also has its own thrift store called Inn Style, all the sales go towards the Inn. The store provides 11 percent of the Samaritan Inn's operating budget. You can also volunteer at the Inn to help, on one day 44 volunteers are needed, in one week 308 volunteers, and in one month 1,232 volunteers. If you would like to apply, on their website, there is an application form, you can fill out.


NECEF held a book drive in November of 2020, this book drive was a complete success, with 400+ books being donated. 1/4 of the books went to The Samaritan Inn, which currently houses 61 children. NECEF would like to thank anybody who participated, donated, and assisted the drive, it might not seem like you're making a tremendous difference, but every donation and book counts.  Children shouldn't be neglected education just because of their family's income or situation, by donating you're supporting dozens of children and their future. If you would like to support The Samaritan Inn, their mission, and how to help even more, I linked their website right here

Thank you to all our donors to make this donation to the children at The Samaritan Inn possible. 

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