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Ravenswood Elementary School

In October, NECEF communicated with various schools and shelters to host a donation drive for under-resourced students and children. For one school, Ravenswood Elementary, their goal was to receive enough school supplies for 30 of their students. 


Ravenswood Elementary is a public elementary school in Chicago that puts emphasis on quality education, arts and culture,  and socially progressive teaching. They provide learning from Pre-K to 8th grade with over 500 students enrolled in the school. Furthermore, Ravenswood proudly provides various extracurricular activities to their students in addition to a wide collection of arts, scholastic, fitness, and other classes.


NECEF worked with Ravenswood to donate books and school supplies to children who needed them. In the end, NECEF was able to donate 30 books in total, along with many school supplies. These items included pencils, colored pencils, pencil cases, books, folders, and loose-leaf paper—all vital components to the education and learning of young students. 


We are grateful for all the wonderful people who contributed to the donation drive. Every donation is meaningful to the students who receive them!

Prepackaged School Supply Kits
Ravenswood Elementary School (IL) 2.heic



Color pencils

Pencil bags/boxes



Loose-leaf paper

Thank you to all our volunteers and people who donated to improve the quality of education for these children. 

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