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Packing Books

NECEF obtained all of the books from donations through our book drive at William Fremd High School. To prepare and organize the books, NECEF members sorted books according to grade levels. These books are sent to the kids living at A Safe Haven Foundation. A Safe Have Foundation is a homeless shelter in Chicago that provides food for the people who live there. 


NECEF reached out to the director of the shelter regarding sending education materials for the kids there to improve their education. Each child got 5 books that were best suited for their grade level. We wrote notes encouraging them to read the books we sent. 

IMG_2550 2.HEIC
IMG_2548 2.HEIC
IMG_2549 2.HEIC

Read more about projects/news.

I want to thank all the NECEF members who helped pack the books and special thanks to the donors for the books. 


William Fremd High School Book Drive

Our recent fundraising project at our high school has collected many books for students in low-income areas. Read more about our fundraising projects. 


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