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Math Nudge is a beginning project dedicated to presenting highschool mathematics in freely attainable formats diverse in difficulties and content depth.


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Ars Minor

Official Page

Ars Minor is a math textbook project dedicated to organizing American highschool mathematics in comprehensive, accurate forms, such as educational materials and books...


Ars Minor

Version 1.1.3

Volume One: Basic Knowledge and Plane Geometry, is the first volume of this project.

It covers the plane geometry course materials and some basic contents about number theory...


Ars Minor

Official Page

This is the official Facebook Page for Ars Minor project, a math textbook project held by a highschool student.

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What is This Project About?

As a student who has transferred between more than four schools (and couldn't graduate middle school due to one of it), I notice that while some highschool students in certain continents either could not catch their class's progress in math class, advanced students often can't find intriguing challenges in math class and become uninterested in mathematics.
To improve such predicament without revolutionizing the educational systems, I figured that maybe I can share some of my experiences and my ability in helping people. To do that, I wrote a 220-pg, 45000-words book and occasionally write unit guides for my tutee, and upload them onto this website.

Project Contents

Introduction to Ars Minor Mathematica

Project Introductions

Ars Minor, short for Ars Minor Mathematica, is a math book passion project about providing educational materials to students who are interested in American high-school mathematics or international students who want more English mathematical contents. This book is free to attain.

It is worth noting that although I sometimes call this project a "math textbook project", the production is not convoluted or delicate enough to be used as a textbook.

The production is closer to being a "structure of textbook", and is closest to the East Asian (Taiwanese) concept of "studying reference book (自修)", so it introduces topics of a specific semester and provides practice questions of different difficulties while providing assessments. We modified our book to have a wider range of difficulty and more advanced contents that surpasses the grade year's.

Nonetheless, this resource should be used as an educational material and is a book.

Author of Ars Minor Mathematica

I am a Taiwanese student who thought mathematics was boring and just a method to comprehend the world.

However, as I grew up, I figured that the boredom I experienced was due to how I underestimated mathematics as a technology to assist people and challenge myself. Encouraged by that idea, I started to self-study mathematics in middle school, and finally made the Math Team and some placements in the contest. There were and still are many discouragements, but mathematics will nudge every of us through those circumstances.

I made this project to prove something to my past self.

Mathematical powers are not to be used to prove competitiveness. They are to be used for someone's good, sometimes the world's.

May this spike some small changes (Ars Minor in English) in your understandings of highschool mathematics, about how interesting or difficult it sometimes gets, but not from a perspective of a normal math student who never took linear algebra in highschool.


Student Tutoring Materials

This project is focused on writing unit-length guides of specific topics from different grade years, and was initiated because when I was recruited as a student tutor, I wanted to introduce different layers of specific mathematical topics to my students.

Because each tutoring session is only 40 minutes long, I couldn't introduce all relevant knowledge I wanted to. So instead of going over a vast amount of topics in one lesson, I learned that I can write shorter educational materials in different format than "Ars Minor" and encourage tutees to check.

Each unit consists of plural unit-guides and a list of challenging questions to conclude it. These questions are either created by me or modified from other reference books. Modification refers to adding or removing aspects and data of problems for difficulty adjustment.

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