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2022 Fall Semester Free Online 1 ON 1 Tutoring

Twenty sessions offered for this batch have been booked over. Please stay with us. We will announce another booking batch later this month. NECEF appreciates your support.


  1. Once you complete the booking, your schedule will be fixed and unchangeable throughout the Fall semester. 

  2. Students should ask for a leave of absence 24 hours before class starts by contacting NECEF ( and your tutor via email.

  3. Failure to show up three times will result in a loss of qualification. 

  4. Please take notice of the time, grade level, and meeting frequency of the tutor session(s) you select. The information is shown under the “Booking Summary” category when you click on an available session in the calendar. Please find more instructions about using the booking system control panel in the pictures below:


  5. Please note that our default time zone on the booking system is set as CST. Thus, one must 

      convert the time zone to another if needed. 

  6. The only sessions that you can choose on the system calendar are 10/3-10/7. Don’t worry.       

      NECEF will help book the rest of the classes for you throughout the semester, and all classes we

      book will have the same schedule and tutor as you select.  

  7. You can only choose two sessions at most for this semester. We will cancel the extra selections if

      you select more than two sessions. 

  8. Please let us know the grade level of your kids in the information column. 

  9. This is the last sign-up opportunitie for this semester. First come, first serve!

 10. If you want to drop off the program during the semester, please contact NECEF                                ( via email.

 11. Each tutor session lasts 30 minutes.

 12. NECEF is grateful that our volunteer tutors devote themselves to helping the younger students.          Meanwhile, we hope that we can cherish the learning opportunities they offer. Together, we will          build a robust learning system that assists the younger generation in enjoying learning. 

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