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Children in School Bus

for all students,

an equal chance for education

School Supply

NECEF is excited to launch this year's Summer STEM Camp! Our STEM camp builds your STEM skills and unlocks your potential from ANYWHERE in the world! Join us as we dive into the world of science by exploring engaging experiments and activities!

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Teacher Appreciation Letters

Covid has not only negatively impacted students' learning environment, but teachers as well. NECEF has decided to write appreciation letters to d211 teachers to recognize their hard work during this difficult time. 


Charles R. Henderson Elementary.

Donated books and schools supplies for the students at Charles R. Elementary School.

Written by Sophia Zhao.


Technology at School

Does Technology Belong in Schools?

Read our article about the proper use of technology in current schools and their effects on education. 

Written by Vicky Kruk.



The Samaritan Inn Donations

Donated over 100 books to The Samaritan Inn, a homeless shelter. 


Image by Kelly Sikkema

Best Tutors of 2020 Recognition 

Read our article about our best tutors of 2020 who have been recognized. 

Written by Lucy Huo. 


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