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2022 NECEF Free STEM Online Summer Camp

7/6-7/7 Fraction Operation Part 1 & 2, 
7/13-7/14 Fraction Operation Part 3 & 4, 
7/27-7/28 Pythagorean Theorem Part 1 & 2

8/3 Solar System, 
8/4 Cell parts and function

*All sessions start at 3 pm CST on Zoom.
*Every session needs to be booked individually. For example: if you want to book all of the Fraction operation sessions, you need to book 7/6, 7/7, 7/13, and 7/14 each day individually.

*Sign-up instruction: Click “Book Now” button in the column below, then choose the session you want to join on the calendar and click on the time "3 pm" of the session, then click the “Next” button to proceed the sign-up.

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