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Black Lives Matter

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NECEF is committed in supporting the black lives matter movement. We believe that all children, not discriminating based on race, gender, or special needs, should receive an equal opportunity in pursing an education. Through our free online tutoring and summer camp, we deny no students based on race, gender, or special needs. All students have the opportunity to continue to pursue an education even in difficult times. 

In addition, NECEF is continuing to send books and materials all students in need of resources to pursue a quality education. No child in the world should be discriminated based on race or gender. No child should be fearful because of their race. Every child should be proud of their race and color of their skin. 

Happy Children

Support #BLM

NECEF is determined to provide a quality education to all students through our online tutoring and summer camp. 

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Girl in Class

Free Online Tutoring

Sign up for our free online classes for students grades Kindergarten through 9th grade for learning at home. 


Technology Class

Free STEM Virtual Summer Camp

Join us in a free online summer camp with fun science and engineering projects. Free to all students. Suitable for grades K - 7th. 


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