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Helping Tutor

1 on 1 Tutoring

There are many students in the world struggling to learn, and many don't have the ability to receive the help they need. At NECEF, those worries disappear. Our student teachers bring out the best in all students, bringing forth their knowledge in hopes to help these students.



There are a few rules that you should keep in mind before committing to being a tutor.

1. This is a year long commitment.

2. Attend class sessions on time.

3. Be patient and passionate.

4. Make classes entertaining with communication and interactions.

5. Grade level based on Khan Academy.

6. Help with school homework is top priority.

7. Homework for classes is not necessary.

8. Absence of the tutor will not count as volunteer hours.

9. Notify NECEF if there is a class time change, or volunteer hours will not be counted.

10. After 3 unscheduled absence of the tutor, we will remove the tutor from the list.

11. NECEF will have random check ups with student's parents.

12. NECEF admin will check in occasionally, so please allow them to enter.

Online Meeting

Zoom Registration Details

1. You will receive an invitation through Zoom via your email. Please register zoom account by
using your email address.
2. Make sure to attend zoom meetings by the registered email in order to calculate volunteer hours.
3. Please notify us immediately as soon as you change your Zoom Meeting ID and password. If not, students will not able to attend your new meeting and volunteer hours won’t be recorded.

4. For more information take a look at the link below or email NECEF ( for further questions.

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