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Best Tutors of 2020 Recognition

The New Era Culture and Education Foundation is dedicated to providing educational resources to students of all different ages and backgrounds, and we are so thankful to our volunteers and tutors who put so much effort into teaching our students. As a way to celebrate their exceptional efforts, NECEF would like to begin recognizing our most outstanding tutors for the year of 2020 who demonstrate excellent teaching and student engagement skills.

Congratulations to Emma Anderson, Anna Gontar, and Lucia Lin for being recognized as the best tutor of 2020!

Emma Anderson is a senior at Fremd High School in Illinois. She originally joined NECEF to use her love for math to help other people, and she hopes that through tutoring, she can help her students improve their mathematics skills and encourage their excitement towards learning. When asked about her favorite part of tutoring, Emma responded, “Watching the progress that my students are making. It’s really impactful to see a student finally understand a difficult concept and feel proud of the work they’ve done to get there.” Outside of NECEF, Emma enjoys playing soccer and performing as a clarinetist in her school’s marching band. NECEF is proud to have such a dedicated tutor as part of our team!

Anna Gontar Tutor of Fall Semester.jpeg
Anna Gontar


Anna Gontar is a high school senior who has tutored as an NECEF volunteer for over 6 months.

Lucia Lin is a junior at Fremd High School, and she joined NECEF because she is interested in pursuing a career in education in the future. When asked about her experiences as a tutor, Lucia answered, “I love talking to the kids I teach. Sometimes I feel like tutoring teaches me more than I can teach, just because I’m able to learn so much about different learning styles and studying techniques.” Additionally, her experiences as a tutor never fail to “brighten her day.” Outside of tutoring, Lucia also loves to listen to music and go on long runs. NECEF is proud to recognize her thoughtfulness and commitment as a member of our team.

Emma Anderson Tutor of Fall Semester.JPG
Emma Anderson


Emma is a high school senior who has tutored for over 6 months with NECEF. 

Anna Gontar is also a senior at Fremd High School. Being a first generation student from Ukraine and having tutored classmates in the past, Anna joined NECEF because she saw the impact that education had on her own life and the lives of those around her, and wanted to continue reaching out to other students. Anna believes that “Education transforms life. I know how important education is, and therefore I want all children to have the supplies and support they may need in order to succeed in school.” Anna also enjoys reading and hanging out with friends, and she hopes to pursue a career in medicine someday to continue helping others. Her perspective is a great reflection of the values NECEF seeks to promote in our community.

Lucia Lin Tutor of Fall Semester.JPG
Lucia Lin


Lucia Lin is a high school junior who has tutored for over 4 months. 

Congratulations again to Emma, Anna, Lucia, and all of our other tutors that contribute to our organization! We are so glad to have you as part of our team and we are so grateful for all the time and effort you have dedicated to our organization. Your contributions are essential to making NECEF’s mission possible. Thank you!

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